If you want to learn how to lead a team of

highly productive & happy team members,
you're in the right place!

If you want to learn how to lead a team of

highly productive & happy team members,
you're in the right place!

Communication isn’t flowing.  Deadlines are getting missed. Team meetings feel awkward.  Productivity is down. Turnover is high. Does this sound too familiar?

Hey there, I'm Becky -

Your Connection Connoisseur!

I’m a small-town Wisconsin native who thrives on extra sharp cheddar, the occasional cocktail, and bringing connection and joy to female-owned businesses. Being a virtual business owner will always bring forth its own kind of challenges, but creating true connections with your team shouldn’t have to be one! I have over 17 years of professional experience in helping businesses build connections and authentic relationships. Will your business be the next?

"Are you willing to take responsibility for your team's culture, or do you treat it like the weather - something that happens to you?"

– Jared Spool

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Team Connection Subscription

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Consulting + 1:1 Individual Coaching

For the teams looking to improve overall communication, collaboration, and connection in the workplace
For leaders looking for individualized strategies to create sustainable, thriving, and happy workplaces
A process of questionnaires & in-depth discussion with the leader(s) involved, anonymous team member surveys, analysis reports, proposed strategies and practices for improvement, follow-up calls, PLUS 1:1 coaching for team leaders
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A 1.5-hour LIVE & INTERACTIVE training for your entire team.
We will discuss:
Effective ways to communicate, collaborate and connect as a team
The importance of showing appreciation
Team engagement & feedback

Are you stuck in the, “Hey, how are you?” zone 
with your online team members and ready to start 
creating deeper, more meaningful conversations?
This FREE guide will help spark personality and 
conversations on your team.
Download this guide to receive 
30-days worth of Team Connection prompts 
and start connecting with your team today! 

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