Building a Positive Team Culture:
The Power of Member Buy-In

As CEO and visionary of your business, it can feel almost impossible to put on another hat in addition to all of the ones you’re currently wearing. 


But I have some GOOD NEWS… building a positive team culture for your business doesn’t need to fall solely on your shoulders. In fact, it shouldn’t!


Today I want to answer all of your questions about how to lay the foundation for a positive team culture in your business, create member buy-in, and show you why it’s sooooo important for the overall success of your business!


First things first, what even is team culture?

Team culture is a combination of your business’s mission, vision, and values. It’s how you communicate, collaborate, and connect on a daily basis as a team. 

To put things into even simpler terms … consider it the “vibe” of your team. Do things feel friendly and inviting, or do they feel more like a “clock-in, clock-out” type of environment?


Why is having a positive team culture important?

Multiple studies have proved that positive team culture reduces team member turnover, increases work productivity and improves overall communication. When morale is high and communication is fluid, implementing new business ideas and strategies flow just a bit easier. And we can all agree that each of these things, in one way or another, increases revenue AND saves you time and money!


So what needs to be the first step in creating a positive team culture?

To lay your foundation, you first need to establish a business mission and a set of values. Your mission should be a 1-2 sentence statement that encompasses exactly what your business aims to achieve. Don’t worry – I have some questions for you to reflect on to help determine your mission and values!

Creating a Mission:

  • Whose lives are you changing, and how are you doing so?
  • Why did you choose the industry you did for your business?
  • What value do you bring to your clients?

Creating a Set of Values:

  • What behaviors are important enough to you that you portray them in AND out of work?
  • What behaviors are important enough that you portray them with OR without reward?
  • How will your business be better off when you hold your team accountable for these behaviors?

You might be sitting there reading this and now thinking, “Well, great. It’s too late for me now. 🤦🏻‍♀️” Trust me – It’s NEVER too late! If you already have a team of 1 or more members, forward these questions to each person and let them help you decide. And even if you already have a mission and set of values, it may be time for a little revamp! Not only is it helpful to get other people’s opinions and ideas, but it also develops “member buy-in” for your business – a critical element to a positive team culture.


The Power of Member Buy-In

“Customers will never love a company until its employees love it first.” – Simon Sinek


Envision yourself working for a company or team that focuses on just that – work. It’s a very “top-down” type of hierarchy with very little member-to-member communication. You sometimes feel isolated, frustrated by your lack of passion for your work, and occasionally ask yourself, “Does anyone even care that I do what I do?” You don’t believe in the products and/or services your business promotes and are just overall really burnt out.


Now envision yourself working for a team with open communication. It’s an environment where new ideas and opinions are welcomed, you check in on each other on a personal level, and you see the value in the work you do every day. Not only are you excited to work, but you’re appreciated for your work. Your team occasionally holds virtual retreats to help reconnect with one another, get to know each other better, and pamper you for all your hard work throughout the year.


So tell me… Which business do you think is going to be more successful? Which team’s members are going to be motivated to work harder? Obviously, the one that’s fueled by appreciation!


As a leader on your team, the best way to start creating member buy-in is to start showing more appreciation. Make it a point each day to thank or praise a different member on your team for who they are and what they do for the business. As you become more consistent with this, start incorporating the whole team! Work on getting to know one another on a more personal level by posting “Get to Know You” type questions in your team communication platform. The more effort you put into these types of kind gestures, the more effort your team will start to put into them, too!


Team Culture Training      

So I know I’ve given you your “Step 1” to creating a positive team culture, along with some simple ideas to help you continue laying a foundation, but I’d LOVE to make this process for you even simpler by inviting you and your team to join me for a private virtual Team Culture Training!


In an hour and a half, I can teach you and your team how to build a positive team culture by focusing on 3 main areas – Communication, Collaboration, and Connection. My easy-to-implement strategies are perfect for virtually-based teams and create those authentic “office-like” connections we all long for in the workplace.


We’ll go super in-depth with communication strategies and figuring out which platform is best for you, how to collaborate effectively so that everyone on the team is doing the work they’re good at and LOVE, and simple ways to build genuine connections and friendships. (Hint: Did you know your project management tool can actually help with that? 😏)


Building a positive team culture can be quite the journey, but I’m here to ride along for it! I can’t wait to see what’s in store for you and your team in 2024. ❤️


If you’re interested in scheduling a Team Culture Training, or learning more details, click here.


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