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Cultivating a Connected Company Culture


If your team members feel like you care about them, you appreciate them, and that the work that they do matters, they’re less likely to leave and go over to Joe’s company next door.” In this episode, Sarah & I chat about why building company culture and connection should start with your onboarding process, what you should do within the first few days of hiring, the importance of specific praise, and so much more!

Authentically Create Connection in Your Online Business


Do you want to cultivate authentic connections with your online team members or community? Are you curious about how to network & connect as an introvert? Listen to this episode for tips & ideas on how to create authentic connections, use the tech tools you are already using to support your business connections! Whether you have a team or a community, this episode is for you!

How Investing In Your Team Will Grow Your Business Exponentially

Agriculture & Rural Business Podcast – Aly Robins

Building relationships & connections on your team are crucial to developing a thriving team culture, boosting productivity & revenue, as well as increasing overall happiness in the workplace. Listen to this episode to learn more! 

The 3 C’s in Building a Positive Team Culture

Unblock your Money $hit – Heather Doran

It’s time to get creative to start creating an environment where your team members feel valued & supported. It’s not rocket science, but it does take time and some connection, collaboration & communication to ensure everyone on your team is working together toward the same goals. Listen to this episode to hear some tips on how to overcome common team challenges.

Building a Strong Culture with Your Remote Team

Collab with Kiva – Kiva Slade

“While the connection part is amazing, what business owners don’t realize is that a lot of times, the end result is amazing productivity based on those connections that are happening.” Listen today as Kiva & I discussed ways to make your remote team feel like they are part of the company & how engaged workers are more productive!

Building a Positive Team Culture

The live free podcast – Micala Quinn

While leaders must take the lead in creating team culture, every team member plays a role in creating positive change in their team. When team culture isn’t a priority, challenges come up a lot faster & a lot more often. Listen to this episode to hear about creating team culture & connecting on a level beyond just work!

3 Ways to Build Culture with Your Virtual Team

The Ops Authority – Natalie Gingrich

The culture of a company is often influenced by its leaders. So just how can you lead a motivated, connected, and happy virtual team? It all starts with a plan. Listen to the episode to learn three basic steps to influencing culture without ‘feelings talks’ and confrontational meetings.

Creating a Strong Team Culture

Big Dreams Great Teams – Paula Maidens

Most business owners don’t give much attention to their team’s culture until things aren’t going well. The moment they notice the system isn’t working, they’re left scrambling to try and fix it. So what can you do to avoid these frustrations? Listen to this episode to learn about creating a positive team culture.

The Power of Connection for your Virtual Team

Dreamer’s Manual Podcast – Julie Calcote

Communication, collaboration, and connection are the 3 C’s for fostering a strong team culture. These three pillars are vital to the success of any business or virtual team. If there are issues in any one of these categories, there will be issues in your business. Listen to this episode to hear us explore them individually.

Fostering Team Culture through Connection, Communication & Collaboration

Joy to Lead Podcast – Kaylan Thompson

The 3 C’s of team culture can improve every aspect of our lives. Take small steps to get started. Don’t feel compelled to tackle everything at once. The process of generating and implementing new ideas takes time. You will become closer to building a positive team culture by taking small steps. Listen to this episode to learn how to improve each area of the 3 C’s.


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