Why Creating a Positive Team Culture Shouldn’t Just Be Another
New Year’s Resolution

Whaaaaaat? 😐 The commander of culture herself is telling me I SHOULDN’T be setting positive team culture development as one of my business’s New Year’s resolutions?!


… Yup. I went there. 😏 And here’s why:

We’re all human. We love the idea of fresh starts, clean slates, and overall improvement. I have always looked forward to setting new business and personal resolutions at the beginning of each new year but haven’t always seen every one of them to fruition by the following December. Can you relate?


So many studies I’ve seen posted lately talk about how much of a small percentage of people see their New Year’s resolutions all the way through – like we’re talking as little as 9%. 🥲 But I’m not here today to discourage you from creating them at all; I’m here to ENCOURAGE you to make positive team culture development a part of your 2024 BUSINESS PLAN – not just a New Year’s resolution!


I have 3 simple tips (with solutions!) you can start utilizing to help incorporate positive team culture into your everyday business structure so that it’s NOT overwhelming or just another item on your to-do list that needs to be crossed off.


Let’s get to it! 💃🏻


#1 –  Start with learning the basics of each of your team members.


No matter if you’ve led a team of multiple people for 5+ years or are just getting started with your first member, create a positive team culture by starting with the basics of getting to know one another. Are they married? Do they have kids? If so, how old? Where do they live? When is their birthday? What’s their favorite food and drink? Are they allergic to anything?


Think of this stage almost like “dating” again! You can’t get to know someone on a deeper level if you don’t know basic information about them first. Andddd… I actually have the perfect tool to make this step so much easier for you!


I created this Team Culture ClickUp Template to assist you with collecting and storing all the basic information you need to know about each of your team members to help you strengthen your relationship. It’s already loaded with easy-to-answer questions for each member – all you have to do is plug and play!


I’ve also included a video walkthrough to give you a step-by-step process of setting up your template and simple tips for getting the most out of it. This would make a super fun and genuine activity for your team to complete at the start of this new year. (And you’ll never have to remember off the top of your head when to order another birthday or work anniversary gift! 😉)


#2 – Engage in non-work related conversations and activities.


If you want your team to connect on a deeper level beyond just work, you have to talk about more than just WORK! I realize this can be tricky for many business owners, coming up with personal questions without being awkward or pushy.


With this struggle in mind, I launched my Team Connection monthly subscription almost two years ago and have been blown away by the results teams are experiencing from it! The subscription comes with daily connection prompts, fun Canva graphics to correspond with the prompts, engagement activity ideas, and suggestions for how to show your team members genuine appreciation each month. It also comes with access to my private Team Connection Subscription Facebook Group, where I go live each month, answer support questions, and share simple instructions for how to get the most out of your tools and resources each month.


I’m SO excited to announce that I’m reopening its enrollment starting mid-February giving you fresh content to use each month starting right away in March! If you’d like to be notified when it opens for enrollment, as well as other details about the subscription, I’d love for you to join my waitlist here!


#3 – Make creating a positive team culture a whole team effort.


There is sooo much power in getting your whole team involved in developing a positive team culture. Members are more motivated and productive when they know they’re appreciated and their wellness is valued.


One of the simplest ways to get everyone on the same page and involved with the team’s culture is to schedule a whole team training with me! During the 1.5-hour training, we talk about effective ways to communicate, collaborate, and connect with one another on a daily basis. This training isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach! We will discuss tangible ways to focus on my 3 C’s of team culture and the importance of showing appreciation while also ensuring they’re the right fit for your team.


If you’re curious about what team training could look like for you or more details about what it entails, schedule a call with me here! I’d love to learn more about you and your team. 😊


Instead of making January a “full steam ahead” kind of month where you’re left feeling burnt out and exhausted by February, make the rest of your January all about making progress instead of striving for perfection (and all of your months after that!).


Take baby steps, have an accountability system in place (Did you know I actually have a tracker for this? Shoot me an email I’d love to share it with you!), and celebrate all your wins, big and small, along the way. I’ll be right alongside you, cheering you on! ♥️

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