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Get This Simple Connection Toolkit
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…and ensure that your team members not only feel valued and supported BUT are more engaged and excited to work for your business than ever!

Listen, I get it...

Creating connections for a fully remote team is…well, challenging.

While there are a LOT of advantages to running your business digitally, there are also drawbacks. And one of those drawbacks is a lack of personal connections.

Unlike in a traditional, in-person office, you don’t have opportunities for those organic conversations that happen over lunch or around the water cooler.

So while everyone can do their job from the comfort of their own homes, while traveling the world, or as they sip a latte at the local coffee shop, there’s something lost when they can’t also receive the connection they crave.

Because, yes, all of us (even those introverts on your team) crave connection.

We all want to be cared about.
We all want to feel valued and seen.
We all want to connect.

And the truth is...

connection isn’t just good for your team members. It’s ALSO good for your business.

Connected, engaged teams are more productive & fired up to serve your customers in the best way possible!

So how do you create authentic connections remotely for your team without adding yet another massive commitment to your already overflowing plate?

Thankfully, I’ve created a way that couldn’t be simpler (or more affordable!).

Don't just take it from me. Here's Aly's experience with the subscription!

Introducing the NEW Best Way to Support Your Team

The Team Connection Subscription

For only $27 each month, you get a complete connection toolkit sent right to your inbox that’s easy to use and WILL create those deeper connections your team members crave — to you, to each other, and to your business!

Here’s what you’ll find inside each month’s toolkit:

  • Daily connection prompts for EVERY SINGLE DAY during the upcoming month. You can use them all or choose the ones you like best!
  • 4-6 Canva graphics to use alongside your connection prompts.
  • 4 team engagement activity ideas that are easy to do remotely and will invite more connection (and fun!) for your team.
  • Monthly appreciation ideas that make your team members feel seen and valued for the hard work they’re doing to serve your people and help grow your business.
  • Access to the Team Connection Subscription Private Facebook Group where you can chat with other business owners, ask questions, and learn what people are doing to create more connections on their teams.
  • A Monthly Facebook Live with Choose Happy Assisting CEO & Team Culture Expert, Becky Brunner, where you can get your burning team connection questions answered & gain even more valuable ideas for your remote team!
  • A short video from Becky with simple instructions for making the most of your connection toolkit in the month ahead.

Why trust me with your team’s connections?

Hi! I’m Becky Brunner — a value-driven, adventure-loving, team culture strategist. I work with female business owners & service providers to get them connecting with their teams on a level beyond just “work.” 

In order to keep productivity high, relationships strong, and team members genuinely happy, you have to have a strategy that develops and nurtures a positive team culture. 

I will help create a plan that strengthens your team’s culture and allows you to lead a team of motivated, connected, and happy employees without having the awkward “feelings talk” and confrontational meetings.

Still on the fence?

Here are a few A's for your Q's.

This subscription is perfect for business owners with remote teams who want their team members to feel connected, valued, and cared for. The problem is they often don’t know where to start in creating these connections and are already wearing SO many hats in their businesses.

Only one! When you sign up for this subscription, you are only obligated to pay for one month at a time, and you can cancel your subscription at any time.

On the last day of each month, you’ll receive an email in your inbox with everything you need for the month ahead. Super easy! (I know you’ve got enough on your plate without needing to remember to log into a portal or go somewhere to find things.)

Absolutely not! Each month, you will receive a different connection prompt for each day, but they are yours to use however you want. I do recommend sharing at least one per week with your team in Slack, Voxer, or however you communicate. Also, if you’re using Slack, you can schedule them all at once ahead of time.

You can definitely choose a team member to be in charge of connection for your business! Many business owners will have an executive assistant, project manager, or OBM in charge, and the subscription can go straight to that person if you like.

Do you have more questions?
Simply reach out at, and I’m more than happy to support you!


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