Poor Team Culture is Costing You. Here’s How to Fix It.

Can you close your eyes and picture this for me?

It’s Monday morning, and you’re ready to start the workday. You have a team call scheduled for 9:00AM with tons of information to discuss and tasks to assign to everyone. 10 minutes prior to the meeting, one member lets you know they won’t be able to make it, who unfortunately was going to be heavily involved in the discussion and task delegation. This is the third meeting in a row they haven’t been able to attend.

Nevertheless, you end up moving forward with the call with the remaining four team members but take note as to what needs to be addressed with the member who couldn’t attend. After the call, you email the absent member some quick questions, a blueprint of your upcoming launch, as well as deadlines for each of their tasks.

It’s been 3 business days… no response back.

You reach out again on Friday, asking if they have any questions. You finally receive the dreaded response nobody wants to see in their inbox – a 2-week notice.

Your upcoming launch now has to be pushed back. You have to update the new date on your social media and sales page, plus reschedule all your emails and check the copy for relevance. On top of all of these new tasks, you also need to be thinking about hiring for your soon-to-be vacant position, and how to onboard that new member.

All of a sudden, you’re frustrated, stressed, and scrambling. You feel blindsided. You start blaming yourself. Why does this keep happening? It’s so hard to get ahead or plan for the future when all your extra time and money just go toward putting out fires.

If this is something you’ve ever experienced, I’m not here to judge… just to help you take control; take control of your business’s time, money, culture, and destiny!

In order to take control, you’re going to need to start by getting a true pulse on your team. What do each of your members like and dislike about their role? What matters most to them, and motivates them to work harder? How do they prefer to communicate and collaborate with you and the rest of the team?

But the most important question I want you to reflect on is: What are you doing to create authentic connections within your team?

You can schedule all the meetings, check off all the lists, and launch all the products and services you want, but until you invest in the mental and emotional well-being of your team, I’m sorry… member turnover will continue, missed deadlines will remain, and revenue just won’t increase!

81% of employees say they’re motivated to work harder when their leader appreciates and recognizes their work. Are appreciation and connection something your team prioritizes?

Now don’t forget, I’m not here to judge or add anything extra to your plate (I know you’re overloaded as it is!). But I do have something up my sleeve that’s been in the works for a few months now. 😉

My Team Connection Toolkit!

At Choose Happy Assisting, we’re on a mission to create a giant ripple effect of positive and happy teams by helping female business owners and leaders all over the world. We want to make it so easy for virtual teams to connect on a personal level, engage in fun activities, and show appreciation to one another.

The Team Connection Toolkit does just that every single month for you! It takes the guesswork out of how to get a virtual team to really “gel.” It embraces diversity and allows teams of all different cultures and time zones to build connections with ease. It brings new voices out of the woodwork and provides a seat for everyone at the table. And most of all, it gives you ongoing support (from myself, of course!) so that you’re never alone in taking control of your team’s culture.

I’m going to leave you with a little tough love. ❤️Trying something new can be hard. Going the extra mile can be hard. But you know what else is hard? Plateauing in your business because your team isn’t meshing. Constantly losing qualified members because they’re unhappy in their role. And getting those, “I can’t make it,” emails time and time again.

It’s time to choose your hard. I hope you choose wisely. 😉

Just click the link to learn more about my Team Connection Toolkit!

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